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 LGBTQ+ Identity Exploration


The combination of a heteronormative society and the real-life consequences of being LGBTQ has kept many in exploring or disclosing their identity.

Maybe you’ve never told anyone because you knew your family or community wouldn’t accept you.  Maybe they would accept you, but you are dealing with feelings of shame or uncertainty. Perhaps, you’re in a mixed-orientation marriage, and your partner has no idea.

Or maybe you have always known, but exploring this part of yourself wasn’t safe until now.

It’s okay.  This is a safe space to explore who you really are.

LGBTQ friends all dealing with religious trauma
a gay couple with their son

LGBTQ+ Life Issues

You might have figured out your gender and sexual orientation long ago and are feeling secure in your identity, but maybe you need therapy for issues that may or may not be related to being an LGBTQ+ person.

Perhaps your are at the intersection of multiple marginalities – being LGBQT+ and a racial minority or disabled (or all three).

Or maybe you just need help with anxiety, depression, or life transitions you just need a therapist who gets you, so you don’t have to spend half of your session educating your therapist (or dealing with potential bias – especially in Texas!).

LGBTQ+ Relationship Issues

Relationships are hard.  They can be a tremendous source of joy and our greatest challenge. We provide an affirming and open-minded therapy environment where you can talk about your relationships in an open and honest way. We can dive into the relationship dynamics of your family of origin and see how some of those patterns impact your current relationships and then explore the recurring patterns of your current relationships.  We can also help you identify the negative patterns of interaction and teach you communication skills and new ways of interacting to create a close and fulfilling relationship (or multiple of you are polyamorous). If you’re considering marriage, you might benefit from LGBTQ+ premarital counseling.   
a gay couple with their son
three people in a polyamorous relationship

Ethical Non-Monogamy

Are you thinking about an ethical non-monogamous relationship structure (or already in one and need some help)? Non-monogamous relationships, including polyamory, open relationships, relationship anarchy, and monogamish, are all becoming more popular, and each comes with its challenges. Relationships are hard, and people often need a therapist to help them navigate this uncharted territory by:
  • Normalizing non-monogamy
  • Addressing jealousy
  • Improving communication
  • Navigating boundaries
  • Addressing other relationship issues (creating boundaries, navigating disagreements, and juggling multiple relationships but still having time for you).
We can also help you address other relationship issues, such as infidelity, mismatched libidos, and communication problems).

Asexuality: An Invisibility Identity

  The strict definition of asexuality is not experiencing sexual attraction.  Asexuality encompasses a wide spectrum with many nuances.  Asexuals can be sex-positive, sex-neutral, or sex-repulsed.  There are also gray-aces who rarely experience sexual attraction and demisexuals who need an emotional connection first.  Some aces don’t want sex at all while others are happy to connect with their partners in that way. This is especially confusing when you also consider that there are multiple types of attraction (aesthetic, romantic, etc.), so you might find that you are biromantic, panromantic, or aromantic. Maybe you would thrive in a non-monogamous relationship, or you need a queer platonic partner. Maybe you are in a mixed-orientation relationship and are struggling to meet your partner’s needs while also honoring your own needs. More info: 6 Categories of People Impacted by Asexuality. Even LGBTQ-informed therapists often lack specific knowledge about asexuality.  If you’re Ace and are struggling with asexuality or the impact of asexuality on your life and relationships, it can be important to find a therapist who specializes in this area.
woman and therapist examining thoughts and feelings
gay premarital counseling in Frisco tx

LGBTIQ+ Premarital Counseling

Marriage is a huge commitment, often intended to be life-long.  You can set yourself up for success with premarital therapy. Together we’ll discover the strengths of your relationship and areas of potential growth.

All couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship configuration, can explore crucial topics such as communication, conflict resolution, family planning, financial planning, intimacy, and relationship structrure. We’re here to facilitate meaningful conversations and equip you with the tools to build a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

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* By clicking Submit, you permit us to contact you by email, phone, or text.  Don’t worry – we won’t send you junk.  It’s just to schedule a consultation and see if we can help you!