Post-Relationship Healing

Process your relationship and heal from heartache.

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Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues


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Divorce Recovery

Divorce is one of the most stressful and difficult life-events and most people need emotional support throughout the entire process.

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Navigating Breakups & Family Cutoffs

Relationship breakups and family cut-offs can be devastating and affect multiple areas of your life.

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Develop Healthier Relationships

Learn how to develop and nurture healthy relationships with friends, family members, and romantic partners.

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Divorce Recovery

You didn’t see this coming – or maybe you did.  Regardless of how you got to this place, it takes time to process grief, sadness, devastation, confusion, anger, loss, and panic while also planning for a different future.

Marriages break up over all sorts of issues – not just affairs, substance abuse, emotional/physical abuse, sexual incompatibility, financial difficulties, or conflict.  Sometimes you just grow apart over time and become different people.  You only live one life, and that’s a long time to be in a marriage devoid of love, respect, and kindness.

Sometimes divorce is welcomed and a breath of fresh air.  Other times it’s a devastating blow and impacts everything about your life. People going through a divorce need emotional support to help them process their feelings and plan for a new future.

We provide a safe place to process your feelings and help you navigate through the divorce process and beyond.

Navigating Breakups or Family Cutoffs


Breakups can be devastating, even if you aren’t married or haven’t been together all that long.  You may still need help processing complex emotions so you can move forward with your life and have healthy relationships in the future.

Perhaps your relationships have the same recurring problems or themes?  It can be helpful to analyze past relationships (which might include your family-of-origin relationships), reevaluate what you want in a future romantic partner, and figure out how to create healthy relationships.

We provide an open-minded and affirming space to explore your relationship challenges.

Family Cutoffs

Being cut off from your family of origin is another type of relationship breakup.  It can be devastating (especially when related to LGBTQ+ identity disclosures) and also requires emotional support to avoid impacting future relationships.

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Develop Healthier Relationships

We could all benefit from having healthier relationships.  But how do you actually do that?

Let’s start by looking at your current or recent relationships and then explore the relationships in your family of origin. You’ll start to see patterns and understand more about your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

You may benefit from drawing boundaries, learning how to be assertive, developing better listening and empathy skills, and more.

Just because society says a “normal” relationship (marriage, family, etc.) has to be specific way doesn’t mean yours needs to be that way.  You can decide how you want your future relationships to work.  That starts with looking at your past and current relationships and developing new skills.

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* By clicking Submit, you permit us to contact you by email, phone, or text.  Don’t worry – we won’t send you junk.  It’s just to schedule a consultation and see if we can help you!