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High Achievers

The Weight of Expectation

In today’s fast-paced and ever-connected world, high achievers often find themselves pushing beyond their limits, relentlessly pursuing perfection, and setting incredibly high standards for themselves. These dedicated individuals frequently bear the weight of their own and others’ expectations.

Yet, with every accolade, promotion, or success, you may feel a persistent, nagging voice that whispers, “Did I truly earn this?” or “What if they find out I’m not as competent as they think?”. Or, “That doesn’t really matter because now I need to accomplish this next thing.” The goalpost continues to be moved, making you feel like you’ve never reached the success.

It’s exhausting and not always healthy.  Let’s figure out why you are like this and how you can be high achieving but without the high psychological cost.

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Unmasking Imposters Syndrome

Impostor syndrome, the unsettling feeling of being a ‘fraud’ or fearing that your achievements are undeserved, despite clear evidence of competence, is common among high achievers.

You may feel like you’re constantly on the brink of being “exposed” and tend to downplay your accomplishments, hesitate to share your ideas, or attribute your success to luck rather than skill.  

You’re not alone.  Individual therapy offers a supportive space to explore these feelings, challenge self-doubt, and rediscover the confidence that lies beneath the surface.

Stepping Stones to Independence

Today’s 20-somethings face an intricate web of societal pressures, economic challenges, and personal insecurities that can make stepping forward seem incredibly intimidating (maybe even surmountable given the current economy).

Do you feel stuck, standing at the crossroads but overwhelmed by choices and paralyzed by expectations?  The pressure to have it all – a rewarding career, financial stability, and meaningful relationships can be paralyzing.

Maybe you’ve felt the sting of comparison, watching peers seemingly soar ahead while you remain grounded, unsure of which direction to take. Or perhaps underlying issues like anxiety, depression, or past traumas have clipped your wings.

We can unravel these feelings through individual therapy, explore underlying causes, and chart a tailored flight path toward your desired future.

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late diagnosed autism in women and AFAB

ADHDers and Adulting Struggles

As an ADHDer, you may find that the adult world that celebrates multitasking and constant hassle also demands organization, punctuality, prolonged focus, and motivation – areas where you may feel as if you are swimming upstream.

From managing finances, remembering appointments, doing daily tasks, staying focused is extremely challenging. It’s not just about forgetfulness, distractibility, or lack of motivation. It’s also about the daily energy you invest into trying to fit into a neurotypical world and the emotional toll of self-reproach.

Yet you also have a unique and vibrant brain capable of unparalleled creativity and passion just waiting to be harnessed. Individual therapy can be your anchor amidst the storm. Together, we can explore strategies tailored to your unique brain and help you thrive.

Healing and Self Discovery


Life can leave you with scars, both seen and unseen. Events from your past, words spoken or unspoken, and actions taken or withheld can become heavy burdens that influence decisions and shade every thought.

You also have the capacity of healing, growth, and transformation.

Self-discovery isn’t just about understanding your pains and traumas – it’s about unearthing your strengths, passions, and potential. It’s about reconnecting or discovering the core essence of who you are.

This journey requires the courage to face your shadows, question your beliefs, and embrace your authentic self.

Through individual therapy, we can embark on this journey together.

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Relationship Recovery

Relationships, like oceans, have their tides. Moments of blissful connection can be followed by times of disconnection, confusion, and pain.

While all relationships have challenges, there are times when the chasm seems to vast to bridge, where past hurts linger like shadows, and communication breaks down into an echo of misunderstandings. Even in these challenging times, there remains the potential for rediscovery, healing, and renewed connection.

But sometimes relationships end, leaving us feeling adrift in a sea of emtions ranging from grief to anger, from betrayal to longing. These intense feelings can make your heart feel as if it’s been shattered into countless pieces.

Healing from a broken heart is not merely about forgetting or moving on; it’s about a deep, transformative process of understanding, acceptance, and growth. It’s about rediscovering who you are outside of the context of the relationship and finding strength in vulnerability.

The journey may feel solitary, but you don’t need to walk alone. With time and therapy, you may find that the pieces of your heart, though they may bear scars, can come together in a way that is more beautiful than before.

Relationship recovery therapy can help you heal.


Affair Deep Dive


Affairs are sometimes a quest for longing, aliveness, and self-discovery.  Sometimes, it’s not about the primary partner or even the affair partner, but rather the person you become in the arms of another

Affairs can be about self-discovery and exploration – finding lost parts of yourself, exploring paths not taken, reinventing yourself, and more.

We offer a safe space to grapple with personal challenges, understand the deeper reasons for straying, and chart a path toward self-awareness and relational healing.

Let’s bridge the gap between actions and underlying desires, which may involve difficult decisions.

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a gay couple with their son

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy

Navigating the world as an LGBTQIA individual often means journeying through a landscape of unique joys, challenges, discoveries, and vulnerabilities. While society has made strides toward acceptance and understanding, many still grapple with the weight of societal norms, internalized biases, or the search for belonging. It’s essential to find a space where one’s entire being—identity, experiences, desires, and fears—is acknowledged and celebrated. 

You might be struggling with common and universal challenges that could benefit from therapy.  Or, you might have additional challenges related to being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, or other minority sexual and gender identities.

It’s helpful to have an LGBTQ-informed therapist who knows your world and is truly affirming.  

 Together, we’ll craft a journey that honors your unique narrative, aids in healing from past wounds, and empowers you to stride forward with pride, self-love, and resilience.

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