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Types of People Who 

Prefer Secular



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Atheists & Agnostics

Atheists, agnostics, and many others prefer a secular therapy environment, free from moral judgement and religious undertones 

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Wiccans, Pagans, and Others

Therapists are ethically required to put their values aside, but many are not comfortable working with Wiccans, Pagans, and other misunderstood religions and belief systems.

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People Dealing with Negative Religious Experiences

Negative religious experiences are incredibly common and and it helps to process them in a secular space.

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We Work With

Atheists & Agnostics


It’s hard for atheists and agnostics to find a secular therapist in Texas – especially in the North Texas area of Plano, Frisco, Allen, and McKinney.

Sure, any therapist should be able to put their religious values aside, but it doesn’t always happen.  Moral language and religious undertones have a way of creeping in.

Your reason for seeking therapy may have nothing to do with religious beliefs – maybe you just want a therapist who really gets you.

Or maybe you are one of the many closeted atheists and want a safe space to explore your thoughts (or help working up the nerve to leave your current religious affiliation).

Perhaps you are a new atheist looking for a way to build community and create rituals around significant life events.  Or maybe your romantic partner is religious, which is causing stress in the relationship.

We provide a secular therapy space where you can be free to be you!  So, bring your problems, and let’s work on them together.

Wiccans, Pagans, and Others


While you may find great joy and meaning in your Wiccan, Pagan, or other beliefs, you may also deal with the stigma of being a member of a group that is poorly understood and often misrepresented.

Even though therapists are required to put aside their values and should be able to work with anyone (assuming they are properly trained), many religious therapists are not comfortable working with Wiccans or Pagan – especially in Texas!

That’s no good.  You deserve to have a therapist who gets you – someone with an open mind who can help you with your problems. 

A secular therapy environment doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about religion and spirituality – it just means you can be free from the moral judgment associated with major religious groups.  

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Those with Religious Trauma


Not everyone finds great meaning or connection through religion and spirituality.  For some, religious trauma and moral judgment have left psychological scars. Our therapists provide a secular therapy space, free of moral judgment or religious undertones.  

This is a safe place to process religious trauma, LGBTQ+ trauma, overcome childhood programming, and figure out what gives your life meaning. 


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Frisco LGBTQ+ therapy: Your safe space for healing and growth in Frisco, Texas.

We see clients in-person and online from our Plano, Texas office.  Most of our clients come from Collin County and surrounding areas:

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* By clicking Submit, you permit us to contact you by email, phone, or text.  Don’t worry – we won’t send you junk.  It’s just to schedule a consultation and see if we can help you!